To achieve WCF District Council goals, programs are designed around critical issues and forming “strategic issues groups” around key topics.


In February of 2007, the Executive Committee held a strategic planning session to determine goals for the District Council. The result was a restructuring of programs and member opportunities. The following goals were set.

  • Empower members to contribute to making their community better
  • Identify champions within local ULI to promote key issues
  • Distinguish ourselves as regional non-partisan “conveners”
  • Bring together key public/private resources

To achieve these goals we discussed creating programs around critical issues and forming “strategic issues groups” around key topics. These were the four topics.

  • Workforce Housing/Place-making: all housing types as well as issues of policy to include affordable and work force public policy and private responsibility and key issues of transit oriented development, urban and suburban density, suburban town centers, community education and communication
  • Infrastructure: key issues of regional cooperation and creative financing for roadways, transportation alternatives, sewer and utility, effects on development and best practices
  • Sustainable Development: key issues of green building and design, planning principals for sustainability, energy conservation, financial feasibility

A program covering each “strategic issue” will be presented at least once a year. These programs will be developed by a sub-committee, chaired by a ULI member with experience and stature in the development community. Members will be encouraged to join a “strategic issue group” and participate in an ongoing dialogue throughout the year. It is hoped that these groups will create an opportunity for community outreach and increased participation by ULI members at a district level. The chairpersons of individual “task force initiatives” will serve on the Executive Committee.

Currently, the Workforce Housing Task Force and the Sustainability Task Force have formed committees and held meetings to discuss goals and deliverables as well as program formats. Programs for Infrastructure and Place Making were held in 2008 and committee heads will be selected in the fall. Please read the following information for individual task force information and membership. Task Forces are open to all members.