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Connecticut Live Work Play Car Free!

On May 16, 2017, The Business Council of Fairfield County’s Connecticut Live Work Play Car Free! Initiative will recognize the outstanding achievements of businesses and organizations who have implemented cutting edge programs to promote car-free living. We hope that you will be among them.

We will recognize Connecticut employers, commercial and residential building owners, and transportation innovators in four levels: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Nominated programs will be reviewed by a committee of experienced professionals in a formal process using detailed criteria and standardized application materials. All recognized programs will be profiled in a best practice document published in conjunction with the event.

The objectives of Connecticut Live Work Play Car Free! are to:

· Showcase Connecticut employers, commercial and residential building owners and transportation innovators efforts to promote strong sustainable transportation options programs.

· Serve as a catalyst for others to take action to offer sustainable transportation options.

· Become more competitive in attracting top talent, improve employee and resident satisfaction and increase retention by providing strong transportation programs that add to overall quality of life.

· Support business and community resiliency efforts by having a sustainable transportation option strategy in place when weather or incidents impact the transportation system.

· Contribute to vibrant and livable places

· Build healthy communities through active transportation.

We encourage you to complete the online application by April 7, 2017. Self nominations are encouraged and are entirely appropriate. The application can be accessed here: http://www.businessfairfield.com/live-work-play-car-free/.

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