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Presentation Available: Building Healthy Places

Building Healthy Places- Enhancing Health in the Built Environment

March 6, 2017, Noon to 1:30 p.m., Stamford (TBD)

Rachel MacCleery’s Presentation

Our built environment can have a profound effect upon our health and productivity. Community planners, developers, property owners, building managers, investors and others involved in real estate decision-making are seeking ways to craft buildings and projects in ways that enhance and promote health. There are a number of building standards that incorporate healthy practices while making their buildings more sustainable.

The Urban Land Institute has identified 21 evidence based strategies to promote health at the building or project scale organized around physical activity, healthy food and drinking water, and healthy environment and social wellbeing.

Employers have also taken on workplace wellness programs to improve the health of their employees, drive employee engagement, increase productivity and reduce costs. Retail grocery stores are hiring registered dieticians to help their customers make healthy choices, while nonprofits continue to provide services to assist their clients to improve their lives.

Are the stars now aligned to forge new partnerships on population health? Join us for a lively discussion on:
•The strategies that ULI is recommending that can improve health outcomes;
•Possible partnerships between employers, building owners and community providers to take population health to the next level.

Our speaker:
Rachel MacCleery, Senior Vice President, Urban Land Institute

This event is complimentary, but you must register at www.businessfairfield.com.

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