Governing Committees

As a member-based organization, none of our work would be possible without the support of our volunteer committees. Our committees are composed of ULI members active in the field of land use and real estate and are chaired by dedicated ULI leaders that have been appointed by staff and our board. Want to get involved? Contact our local committee chairs directly to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Governing Committees


Programming Sub-Committees

Committee Chair: Greg Belew
Committee Co-Chair: Alec Roberts

New Technology & Trends
Committee Chair: Kim Morque

Capital Markets, Finance and Trends
Committee Chair: Tom Bronner

Economic Development
Committee Chair: Arthur Collins

City Exchange/Municipal & Public Officials Outreach
Committee Chair City Exchange: Carl Ordemann
Committee Co- Chair Municipal & Public Officials Outreach: John Nolon & Lynne Ward

Healthy Places- Arts, Culture and Parks
Committee Chair: Kim Morque

Business Development Committee
Committee Chairs: Gerri Torterella & Tom Bronner
Committee Participants: Patrick Robinson, Janet Snyder, Holly Hasbrouck

Awards Committee

Committee Chairs: Dan Laub & Carl Ordemann
Committee Participants: Former award recipients – Do Chung, Bob Weinberg, Arthur Collins

Young Leaders Committee

Committee Chairs: Maria D’Angelo and Morgan Collins


Committee Chair: Jennifer Schwartzman